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TOK - Subject Integration

This event has already taken place. A video recording of the panel discussion can be found on this page.

"All IB Teachers are TOK Teachers." We have read this. We are constantly told this. Yet, putting this into practice often evades us. DSB presents a group of TOK experts to decode and demystify TOK. Hear them share their best practices so that you can create success stories of your own!

Parents and Students are invited to have an authentic peek into the interdisciplinary world of TOK.

Get to know our Panellists:

Amogh Desai

I completed my ICSE board examinations at St. Mary's in 2014 and then proceeded to join DSB for the IB programme. After graduating in 2016, I pursued an LLB degree at the University of Warwick. I completed my degree this year and am set to join the University of Bournemouth for the Legal Practice Course in October.

Outside of academics, two of my biggest passions are music and sports. I feel that these have the capacity to help you briefly escape the realities of life and put you in a better frame of mind.

Frank Braccia

Frank Braccia is the founding Head of School for Goldcrest International, an IBDP school in Navi Mumbai, and has been in India since 2011. His international teaching career started in 1991, and he has been in IB schools since 1994, having worked in Syria, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Grand Cayman, Norway, and India. He is a native of the United States and holds a B.A. in History from Temple University as well as an M.Ed. from Antioch University. He has taught IBDP Economics, IBDP History, IB Theory of Knowledge and MYP Humanities, and has been in school administration for 20 years.

Frank is an IB visiting school team member, assisting schools in the IB authorization process, as well as a workshop leader running workshops for young teachers and school administrators. He also serves as Chair for the IB Heads Association Western Division, covering Maharashtra and Gujarat, and has been the vice president of the Indian IB Heads Association since 2019.

Mona Seervai

Mona started her teaching career in 1995 at JB Petit school, following the national curriculum with innovative pedagogical practices. She took on the role of the Principal of Bombay International School from 2004 – July 2016. During her tenure, she brought about a significant change to the Institution through concept-based instruction, inclusive learning, intensive teacher training, and the introduction of the Cambridge and IB systems of education. Mona is a passionate teacher and taught Chemistry to Grade 8 students as well.

Mona has consolidated her experiences in research, development, and education. She retains the rigour of a scientist, the sensitivity to issues affecting less privileged sections of society and the high standards and expectations of international curriculum and pedagogy.

Although trained in the sciences, Mona's heart also lies in the humanities; hence teaching TOK is a natural choice. A decade later, she continues to learn something new each term and enjoys engaging with diverse groups of students to understand multiple perspectives. Sharing ideas and collaborating with other colleagues enhances professional growth for all. Mona is looking forward to being part of the panel discussion.

Pooja Sudhir

Having facilitated IGCSE and IBDP English for 13 years, Pooja Sudhir currently works at DSB International School as the IBDP Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Coordinator. She recently concluded a TOK-based research project for the COBIS Middle Leadership Programme, which focused on using creative arts to inculcate critical thinking skills in Grade 11 TOK students. She is also acting as a Change Facilitator for one of the Action Research Project groups for the Global Tipping Point Summit. Her contribution is in the domain of differentiated teaching and learners' choice in the classroom. Her blog (sochbypooja.com) comprises teaching resources for TOK as well as poetry, film and theatre reviews.


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