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National Curriculum of England

Key Stages 1 and 2

Our Primary Years programme follows the guidelines and standards of the National Curriculum for England within an international context. We work very closely with the German section, seeking to provide the children with shared learning opportunities.

The curriculum aims to provide a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic and cultural activities. We encourage all students to strive for excellence, to be inquisitive, to support and tolerate the needs and differences of others and, above all, to enjoy learning and instill the values and commitment to “Lifelong learning”.

These stages provide your child with balanced skills and knowledge. This is combined with the fun that your child gets with social and cultural activities.

  • Community Celebrations led by Primary

    DSB strives to deliver an exciting, child centred curriculum which places a strong emphasis on community. At key points throughout the year, Primary lead whole school celebrations, notably our ‘Festival of Lights’, a joint celebration of Diwali and St Martin, and the annual Musical which is the finale of term one!

    These celebrations provide excellent opportunities for the children to experience learning in ‘real life’ situations. Scripting, for example, is completed by the children themselves in either literacy lessons or via ASAs. Similarly dances are choreographed and practiced as specific units within the PE curriculum, while songs are learnt within assemblies and music. Where relevant, musical accompaniments are provided as a result of the music curriculum or, again, via ASAs. Recent examples, for example, have included contributions using recorders and ocarinas. 


    Dual languages are celebrated as a matter of course with GFL lessons used  to support International pupils in delivering lines in German.

    To keep each year’s performances original and unique, teachers and pupils are very imaginative in incorporating other areas of learning too. Learning from Science, for example, was used last year, to tell the Diwali story via a movie the pupils recorded themselves using shadow puppets!

    In term two, the children enjoy Project Week. For Key Stage One, this is a multi-discipline week based around a central theme; Key Stage Two enjoy a four day/ three night residential trip to ‘Magic Bus’.


    The Project Week

    Key Stage One: The Circus Lollipop

    During KS 1 project week, the DSB garden at GC changed into a circus arena: Students from Year 1E, 2E and Klasse A/1D were really eager to be part of a circus performance. In order to do this, they needed to know what a circus looks like, learn about the jobs and skills of the performers and how to interact with the audience.

    Key Stage Two: Magic Bus

    One of the highlights of the academic year for our Key Stage Two students is the residential trip to Magic Bus. The students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, which offers them the chance to challenge themselves in a secure and safe environment, develop their social skills, experience life away from the big city (and their parents!) and have fun!


  • Student Voices

    As much learning as possible is completed via cross curricular ‘thematic’ planning, which seeks to foster links between the International and German sections. Just one example of this was a joint project between 4E and 2/3/4D who spent a lot of time with creepy crawlies!

    In science, they were out and about identifying invertebrates in the local environment. They went to Mahindra Park where they discovered a number of ants, spiders, beetles  and leeches! They also saw evidence of other animals, such as slug trails and ant nests.

    The children completed further research on these creatures in their science lessons and via a visit to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This linked very nicely to their work in Literacy D, where the theme was a ‘Story set in a Magical land’, inspired by “James and the Giant Peach.”

    In Literacy D, the classes thought about the success criteria for good character descriptions and explored the use of commas to add more detail, or information, to a sentence.

    They produced 3D models of a couple of their characters and wrote character descriptions.

    Thando and Adit - Ninja Master Mantis, a champion athlete, can run as fast as the wind and fly as high as an airplane. His voice is mean and deep, rumbling like thunder when he shouts! Master Mantis wears dark, blue bandanas which camouflage him at night, allowing him to sneak up on his enemies. He leads a team of ninjas, attacking sneakily and as fast as lightening! .
     Sarrah, Adi, Anika, Maja and Johanna- Miss Emerald moves slowly and, like a ballerina, elegantly. She wears lovely boots as blue as the cloud-less sky. She always wears a hat, as beautiful as a flower, with a shiny, green emerald. She has bright pink lipstick as bright as the sun in the morning. Always optimistic, Miss Emerald is kind and cheerful. All children love her. She is as smart as Einstein and her dream is to be a wonderful teacher. She has three small baby caterpillars, which wriggle around all day and make lots of noise, who travel with her. Miss Emerald, with her soft voice, speaks kindly and calmly.
  • Curriculum

    View the Curriculum of the International Primary Years 1-6 at DSB International School, in PDF format.

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