Beyond the classroom

Excursions and visits

At DSB, students go on excursions that support and enhance classroom learning. DSB encourages students to apply their learning in a real-world context and continuously investigates opportunities to take learning out of the classroom.

Over the past year we have visited museums, heritage sites, nature reserves, factories and rural villages as keystone elements of the curriculum.




Project Week

For one week in February, normal activities are suspended, and every student at DSB participates in a special programme.  In Early Years, students embark on a series of day trips, based around a theme for the week.  In Lower Primary, Project Week involves exploring a theme and a sleepover in school.  Upper Primary visits the Magic Bus Outdoor Learning Centre, and Secondary students take part in residential trips around India.

This gives an exciting opportunity to the students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom and to see their learning in real-life contexts.



Cross-Curricular Weeks

Twice a year, students in Secondary and Upper Primary go off timetable to become involved in cross-curricular projects that focus on developing their key skills: leadership and team working, entrepreneurship and world of work, creativity, problem-solving, communication and time management. We emphasise opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the importance of these for further education and employment. Students see the relevance and application of what they are being taught in school.


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" “Teachers at DSB are motivated and dedicated and that brings out the very best in our children.”"

Beyond the classroom

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