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Music touches the Soul

Music is a highly regarded part of our curriculum because of the important role it has in the development of children’s senses and intelligence. The full curriculum is offered at primary whilst in secondary students are encouraged to learn new skills and instruments and to work together in forming bands under the supervision of expert Music instructors. The focus is to give students a good understanding of the theory and the opportunities and freedom to follow their passions in this area to perform, enjoy and even to compose.

We encourage the students to participate in:

  • the choir
  • organize music for school events
  • forming their own bands.

What our community says...

" I like the school's teaching techniques.  Instead of just giving you the answers, teachers inspire you to find a way of getting the answers on your own.  If you can't find the answer, they will help you.  When you grow up, you have to think for yourself."


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