On Monday 10th October the IB students and I accompanied by 5 of our teachers visited our sister school in Pali, rural Maharashtra. The Pali School is a large residential school with over 800 students, catering to the tribal population. It is a school for the underprivileged and most of the parents of that school can’t afford to provide the daily needs for their children. When students attend this school they engage in a wide range of sporting and academic activities which are only possible through sponsorships.

Over the last year that I have been in DSB I have seen major improvements and new facilities since my first visit to Pali last October. They currently have a room equipped with a projector and a chemistry lab that helps them to have a visual learning experience which is a great achievement for the school since these children have never perceived the world beyond Pali.

Monday started with us taking charge of various sporting activities. We played games with a wide age group of students from 5th graders to 9th graders. We played football with the younger ones and a tough game of volleyball against the 9th graders. We also learned to cook a scrumptious Indian meal with help from the Pali teachers.

One of the highlights of the day was a music workshop which was organised by our music teacher, Ms Lisa. We had taken a couple of keyboards and guitars and sang basic songs with them.
Overall I think it  was a very exciting and meaningful day and we enjoyed interacting with the children.                                                                   written by a student

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