Throughout the year, all Secondary and some year 5 and 6 pupils have been involved in the UKMT Mathematical Challenges.The Senior, Intermediate and Junior Mathematical Challenges are run by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) and are administered from the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Although the challenges are targeted towards a certain age group, some younger, keen DSB mathematiciansalso participated in each challenge. They encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and uency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. The problems are designed to make students think clearly about challenging problems. Most are accessible, yet challenge those with more experience; they are also meant to be memorable and enjoyable. Mathematics is at the forefront of more industries of the modern world than most people realise – from nance, engineering to technology and computing. In our environment, the realisation that mathematics is both the language of nature, and also a way of analysing gives us a sense of control and power over it to an extent. In the last fty years, mathematical ideas have transformed the way we live. Developments in technology depend on mathematical thinking – and it is this thought process that is celebrated by the maths challenges. For the Junior and Intermediate Challenges, certicates are awarded to the highest scoring 40% of candidates - Gold (6.7%), Silver (13.3%) and Bronze (20%). For the Senior Challenge, certicates are awarded to the highest
scoring 60% of candidates - Gold (10%), Silver (20%) and Bronze (30%)The majority of schools which participate are UK based schools, however there are a growing number of international schools involved now. The certicates are therefore recognised as an achievement internationally.


We are pleased to celebrate the following UKMT Awards this year at DSB:

  • Gold: 3

  • Silver: 3

  • Bronze: 12

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