The idea of the musical came up during the discussion about the book 'The Arrival' by Shaun
Tan. The students got so interested and excited about the topic of immigration that they
decided to build up a complete story to perform as a musical. The story started with the
exploration of their own cultural identity followed by a discussion about the many reasons of
people leaving their own home countries. The process of the musical up to the performance
was integrated into their curriculum, so did they create the scenery and props during their art
lessons, created accessories for costumes during Maths and DT and of course learned about
scripts and monologues in Literacy. All together we are very proud of every student that was
involved and made it such a great success.

After the musical the school community enjoyed delicious food, organized by the Indo-
German Chamber of Commerce. It was a wonderful evening, with an electrifying
performance, great energy and panache. And of course, another wonderful possibility to
celebrate with the whole school community.

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