How does it feel to be part of an international school for 45 years?


Mrs Pauline's immediate response was ‘wonderful. DSB’s students and teachers have been a precious part of my life. DSB has been there for me throughout my life and I had the privilege to learn, share and teach with a wonderful group of people.'
In 1971, the warm, intelligent and passionate lady approached DSB to apply for the position of ‘Assistant teacher Kindergarten’ At that time, one of her friends referred her to DSB; lucky for us. The principal at that time immediately hired her and a great journey with many endearing moments started for all of us. Could you imagine that at the time Pauline started, she did not speak a single word of German? She took classes at the Max Mueller Bhavan and learnt German. Today,
the German community would agree that you would not be able to tell a difference with a native speaker.
All of us value Mrs Pauline for her warmth and openness for all, the teachers and students.

To celebrate her 45 year anniversary, the students prepared short speeches and anniversary cards. ‘Dear Mrs Pauline, we hope you will stay with DSB for another 100 years’ – George (2D). ‘Dear Mrs Pauline, we enjoy classes with you and we love you’ – Alessio (1D)
Many hearty compliments from her students that like going to school because she makes the difference.
On the day of her anniversary we celebrated and shared a cake and some stories that we will always

We thank you Pauline for all your love, passion and care for our students throughout the years.

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