Students of years 11 and 12 spent Saturday morning listening to talks and seminars and meeting representatives from different countries to learn more about studying abroad. As well as formal information about the application process, students also had the opportunity to talk to people studying at universities in Germany to get the students' perspective.
Representatives from the USA, Germany and France ran one-on-one sessions with students who enjoyed the opportunity to get the personalised individual attention this offered. A representative from the UK gave a talk and two German students provided seminars. This is the second such session we have run at DSB and thanks to Ms Patricia for the huge effort she had to make to make this possible. Preparation for future study and the world of work underpins the core values of the school and we believe that this activity is really helpful enabling students to understand how to make informed choices. We appreciate suggestions from the participants on how this event can be made even more effective in future years. 


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