Discovering Mumbai through History, Architecture and Food

Did you know that there are cute Indo-Portugese  houses very close to our school? Or that St Thomas Cathedral is 400 years old? Or that Bhau Dhaji Lad Museum was known as the Victoria and Albert Museum? 

These and a lot more interesting facts were shared with us during the week by a Historian who spent three days showing hidden gems of Mumbai. It was a fascinating exploration of a city that we take for granted and often forget to search for the little details and events that hold this city together and help it to grow! 

Mornings were spent at school working our final presentations. At noon we left for lunch after which we visited Fort, Byculla, Bandra and Girgaum respectively. On Friday we collated and used the information we learned to complete our final piece of work. 

Our work is displayed on the 4th floor at Aurum House and we would love it if you came by and read, looked at and admired what we learned! Oh, there is a digital creation which plays on the TV in the reception area - watch out for it! ‚Äč

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