All students in years 10 - 13 have been assigned a personal tutor from amongst the teaching staff in Aurum House to help them cope with the pressures of the IGCSE and IB courses. Students will meet with their personal tutor weekly for twenty minutes to check they are completing assignments and meeting deadlines and on their general progress towards their target exam grades. Students are expected to note down all assignments on a shared document and keep a record of their progress. Teaching staff will fill in any concerns or disappointments should they arise and the student and tutor will discuss strategies to avoid such problems. Parents will be copied into the tutoring document so that they can maintain a watching brief. The tutor will advise on how to prepare for exams and help students deal with the stresses and strains of school life and if necessary initiate more active interventions if required. 

We hope this helps students to make the most out of their education at this important stage. 

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