The project with the Pali school continued with a visit to the school over the holidays. The school was presented with TV and audio systems very kindly donated by Mrs Albert and fifteen water filters generously donated by American student Matteo Lauto and his father. Matteo works as an ambassador for a project called Clean Water Ambassadors which seeks to enable the provision of clean water to those in need, by providing simple but effective water filters that are able to cleanse water of all bacterial and protozoan infections, as well as removing dirt and debris to make water supplies safe for drinking.

Matteo demonstrated to staff and students at the school how to attach these filters and how to use them and clean them. Each filter can process enough water for one hundred people daily, for a duration of 10 years. This is a major contribution to both the schools in the Pali Ashram trust, as water supplies are limited and rely partly on their water storage on site which is totally untreated. This will enable them to guarantee the water students drink is safe. It also means that we don’t have to take water with us when we go there, as safe drinking water will be available for us too.

Matteo who lives in LA, visits Mumbai annually to stay with family and he has family connections to DSB school. There is therefore, a commitment to continue with this link we have forged. Each filter costs about $50, so in the future, we would like to fund the provision of water filters to the students’ home hamlets whilst other members of the DSB community may wish to provide them to others in need of safe water supplies, here or elsewhere in India.  Please let us know if you would be interested in participating in this scheme further so we can provide more details and look at the logistics.

In addition, our visit identified some further areas where our fund raising can make a real impact. Another school in the trust needs some laboratory supplies so that they it can be accredited to run 10th standard and above. They also need a designated water supply installed  to guarantee availability of water with a large scale water filter. Specifically at the Pali school, the long term plan is to obtain funding for a new dormitory for the girls to match that of the boys.  More on these schemes once we have more details.

Once again thanks to all those who are so generously supporting this developing project. 

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