A wonderful initiative was organized by our CAS group. After many visits to the Pali School DSB students changed the location and invited the students to Aurum House to be a part of our school life for three days. In preparation for the stay the students prepared their stay, food, activities and classes. Then the day had come. The CAS group

picked up the students and the Pali teaching staff from the Mumbai trainstation and took them to DSB. Once they have reached DSB the building was shown to all of them and 

they were immediately part of the larger team. During the rst two days the students participated in science, art and PE classes. After the academics we explored Mumbai. Together with Kameljeet, Howard and Urvashi we went to see the surrounding area and the Colaba area. Of course, we engaged into some shopping on Colaba CauseWay and visited the Aquarium. After a wonderful time we went to Mrs Kameljeet’s apartment for a nice tea stop. In the evenings we watched Hindi movies together, which was enjoyed by the all students. The Highlight of the trip was the participation in our Annual Sports Day. The Pali students competed against our students and showed great results, winning various medals in different categories. And that bare feet. One of our parents recognized their great achievement and took the sports spirit further by buying Adidias Sportshoes for the students from the Pali school.

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