Over the course of the year, the students of the MUN club have taken part in a range of debates and conferences ā€“ in India and abroad. The beginning of the year was taken up with debates in school on a range of incendiary topics such as: Kashmir and gun control in the US.

The first MUN conference of the year was the Cathedral MUN, held in August in Mumbai, which was enthusiastically attended by students who experienced a hectic and fast-paced conference. They actively took part in a variety of committees and made resolutions on scientific (biological and chemical) weapons, artificial intelligence and black market organ trade. Following this was a successful participation in ILMUNC 2016, held in Delhi, where our delegates represented China and a member of the Bonaparte family. They worked on matters of world significance relating to climate change, weapons control, disease prevention and drug trade.

The first few months of 2017 were spent intensively preparing for the International HMCE, held in Madrid. The delegates were committed to representing a range of international figures, such as Jeff Sessions and Vera Jourova, countries and statesmen of the US Congress. There were representatives in a variety of committees, including World Health Organization, European Commission and UN Security Council. All of the conferences were beneficial in developing the delegatesā€™ public speaking, debate skills and forming relationships with students from all over the globe. As well as increasing their confidence, the students also received a variety of accolades including Outstanding Delegate, Honourable Mention and Special Mentions.


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