The second International MUN group from DSB went to Rome to participate in the Harvard Model Congress Europe.  The Fourteen DSB delegates enjoyed participating in a range of committees including the very prestigious Security Council. A total of 60 ‘Outstanding Delegate’ awards were available to the 550 participants. DSB were awarded three, a real testament to the hard work all our MUNers put into research to be ready for conference. Time was also available to enjoy the sites of the ancient city and eat gelato. There were a number of special visits but the Sistine Chapel on the last day was a highlight for many. The quote below comes from one of the outstanding delegates;


‘Our MUN trip to Rome was extremely memorable, from the amazing gelato, sight seeing and committee sessions. Being in Rome for six days, we have seen the most  popular sights such as the Colosseum and the lively Trevi Fountain. Committee sessions were engaging and always had a good level of discussion and debate going. The most powerful body of the United Nation is the Security Council. It was an exciting opportunity despite not being a permanent five or veto-powered nation. Writing Resolutions was an integral part of committee sessions which was challenging because of the diverse views that all the nations had. However, delegates successfully negotiated and passed several resolutions. Aside from working and interacting with members in committee, the International Risk session was a good opportunity to meet other delegates and work with them in an informal manner. Overall, this years trip to MUN has been exceptional.’ (DSB student)


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