Let the Feet do the Talking :

This year’s Sports Day was indeed different, and memorable. For the first time, we had parents doing all the activities with their children and participating in all their glorious moments. It was thrilling to see parent-child partnerships and collaborations – a sight to behold! The track was full of exciting events and the different stations gave parents an opportunity to be led by their child and experience what their children have been actively engaged in throughout their school day. It was a great showcasing moment of a variety of skills such as gross and fine motor and most importantly PSED development in team building and perseverance! The former half saw the children moving with their house, attempting various activities together which included basketball, water balloons, balancing frame and obstacle course.

The latter half of the event saw children running different races and relays with great aplomb. Big smiles and chuckles followed as the children as well as teachers witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of parents engaged in the dress up race donning comic garbs!

What great sportsmanship by one and all,

Parents and children together stood tall

It didn’t matter who won or scored low

Participation was the champ, always on the go!

Hip hip hurray to a super duper sports day!

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