On Friday and Saturday 12 and 13 August, our new cohort of IB students went away to the High Places, near Pali (Maharashtra) for their IB retreat, accompanied by Mr Edward Bantry White, Mr Howard Gee and Ms Camille Gautier.

DSB International School is very keen to foster students' enthusiasm for the outdoor life and the IB retreat is the perfect way to kickstart a long and demanding programme. Students were involved in various activities, all of them involving a lot of water (it rained continuously for 2 days): they swam in waterfalls, trekked through streams and rivers, up and down mountainsides, and rappelled down a very wet wall. They also attended 4 different sessions led by the teachers, on the IB Learner Profile, International Mindedness, Mindfulness and TOK (Theory of Knowledge). 

This also gave them the opportunity to connect as a group and get to know each other and their teachers better. This is incredibly important as the IB requires them to be able to work well together, and support each other at times when pressure is high. 

They are now all set to start working towards one of the most demanding and exciting programme of their student's career! 

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