Primary students enjoyed a fun packed trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Parkas part of their Rainforest and Plants topic. First, we saw a spectacular display of exotic butterflies that were collecting pollen from colourful flowers. Our guide, Vishal, helped us to recognise the different species and explained the difference between moth and butterfly caterpillars.  Next, we visited the information centre to learn more about all the different animals, insects and tribes people that live in the park.

We were all really excited to see the wildlife in the park which included fish, huge bull frogs, deer and monkeys. On the safari, we were very lucky to see two tigers lazing in the sunshine.

After a relaxing train ride around the park, we enjoyed eating our lunch next to the river – watching out for the monkeys who were keen to eat it too! It was a perfect end to our topic, especially spotting and sketching some of the rainforest animals and plants.



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