Thursday, 18th February was a special day for the children in the Early Years as it was their very own Sports Day. They had been training for this day since many weeks and mastered many different skills. They were waiting eagerly to show their skills to their parents. So naturally they were very excited when they arrived all dressed in their house colour. 

Four stations were set up for them and each house had a go at it. There was a gymnastics station where they did somersaults and jumped on the trampoline, there was an obstacle race, a balancing activity and at the last station they had to manoeuvre a ball around cones. Then there were different races and relays were the houses worked as teams. The children especially enjoyed the sponge race and the bouncy ball relay. Later there were games with the parachute within their classes. Finally the parents got sporty with their children when the children had to lead their blindfolded mum or dad in the ‘Blind-Man’s Race’. Parents then showed their team skills in the ‘Leaping Frog Race’ while the children enthusiastically cheered for them!

The children displayed a great sporting spirit throughout and it was evident that their skills had developed very well. All of them were very proud when they received their Early Years Sports Day certificate in the end.

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