On Wednesday, the 27th of January, we hosted another DSB Plus event with the award-winning school architect Prakash Nair. Prakash Nair is providing international leadership on major directions on education in the 21st century. He has been working with educators around the globe to develop design principles that make a signicant difference in the students’ learning experience. He has designed schools in the US, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Belgium and the list goes on… including our own, DSB International School. During the talk he elaborated on the principles that make a state of the art school that supports the all round development of every child. Being the architect of DSB International School he zoomed in
to the development of Aurum House and the ideas, philosophy and theory behind it. The talk draw many new people towards DSB to learn more about Fielding Nair International's way of designing schools that are based on the educational needs of today's student. A wonderful event!

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