The rst time I started Running Club it was fun, because I could run with my sister; and everyone was there: my friends and a very funny teacher that made us laugh a lot. That was the best thing about it. Without Mr Patrick it wouldn't have been so much fun. He’s also helped me run faster, consistently saying that
I shouldn't be walking, and always encouraging me. I tried my best and now I have started to run faster and I continue to improve every week.

My best friend Gina comes to running club. I used to get tired easily, but with her motivation (in the form of words and making me laugh), I slowly stopped walking and started running longer distances faster than ever before. I did running club because I want to practice running faster as most of my friends know how
to run very fast. Running Club made a huge difference, and with my friends I am able to run faster, because they make me happy, and that makes me feel less tired. Moreover I enjoy running with my sister but sometimes I can't continue as she makes me laugh, and well, it's hard to laugh and run at the same time.
Running is also healthy and it's very good to move my body so that's another reason why I do running club.

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