A year and a half after Patrick Pugh moved to India to join DSB, Sarah Montague,his wife, joined him. With over a decade of teaching experience in Art and Technology back in the UK, Sarah was keen to involve herself with meaningful activities related to art. Of the many exciting projects she was involved with, introducing design technology to DSB students was the one closest to her heart. Her committment to the subject inspired her students in the same way. Together, they explored various angles of how design and technology could be connected to create a new product. After the concept stage, Mrs Sarah included other teachers and trained them, taking the course to a new level. Painstakingly, she developed a future proof course that could be taught at DSB long after her period of volunteering was over. The students enjoyed the course. They worked actively and presented their product, 'The Ugly Monster', on the last day before the break. Thank you Sarah! We appreciate your passion and commitment.

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