Students have been busily engaged in a week-long project looking at the
sugar industry. Older students: years 10 - 12 put themselves in the shoes of asmall holder and produced a costed proposal for how to manage their sugar
cane farm for a sustainable future.
Younger students: years 8 & 9 have spent the week developing sugar based
products such as biscuits and sweets and looking at the packaging,
marketing and selling of these.
The older group spent time doing field research in rural Karnataka at a sugar
cane factory. They visited organic and more traditional sugar cane farms and
looked at the processing of the sugar cane to produce the refined sugar, the
turning of molasses into alcohol and the production of energy and soil from
waste materials. All of us were amazed at the efficiency of the system and
the utilization of waste to produce useful products. The students asked an
impressive battery of questions to help them understand the realities of sugar
cane agriculture from the farmers' point of view.

The younger group built upon the design and technology skills they have acquired when given a design brief to make a high value product from sugar to improve their earnings as a sugar cane factory. As well as Mrs Sarah's carefully developed programme to help them understand the design and production process they also had their learning enriched by the Vice President and head of Sales and Marketing, Poonam Mahtani for the Fours Seasons chain and a fun visit to a biscuit factory where they also learnt about product marketing and packaging. At the end of the day older students have produced a costed management proposal for a sugar cane farm whilst the younger students have an attractive, high-value, sugar-based product for which they have produced packaging and innovative promotional materials.

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