Induction Day of Year 1E – Einschulungsfeier fuer Klasse 1


In keeping with German tradition, there is a special Induction Ceremony for children moving from the Early Years to Primary. This is an important step in their school career.  It is called Cone Day and takes place at the start of their Primary education.

What a great way to start the child’s first day at school with a cardboard cone filled to the brim with school supplies and little gifts! 

So, on Tuesday, 9th August children, parents and teachers of the Year 1 E class were very excited when they gathered in the garden for “Cone Day”.

After a short welcome by the principal Mr Bantry-White and the Coordinator for the German Section Mrs Brockmeyer the students of Years 2/3/4E and 2/3/4D sang a few songs in English, German and Hindi including our special DSB song: “It’s me, it’s you, it’s we who build DSB”.

Then the children of Year 2E and 3D read out letters to the children of Year 1E which they had written earlier to share with them how they had experienced Year One and what they learned and loved.

Now the most exciting part of the celebration took place: The children were called out one by one and their parents handed them their cone, accompanied by cheers and a welcome from the audience. A photograph was taken of each family and the whole class with their teachers.

Finally it was time to go into their classroom where they opened their cones and shared the many lovely presents.

We would like to thank all staff, parents and FRIENDS who made this event very special! All the best to children and parents of Year 1 and a very warm welcome!

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