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Creativity, Action and Service are the three strands of CAS that are an important part of the core IB curriculum. The purpose of CAS is to enable students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning experiences alongside academic study. Therefore, the CAS programme is unique to each student as they are able to tailor it according to their personal interests in order to provide a holistic education experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Through CAS, we aim to provide students with an insight to global issues such as poverty, sustainability and animal welfare, to develop self-awareness and to think about their own values to become reflective thinkers.

At DSB this year there have been a range of activities undertaken to complete the ‘Action’ component. Many sports have either been tried for the first time or existing skills improved upon. The range has included basketball, netball, football, swimming and even scuba diving. The CAS programme encourages students to combine Action with Creativity and even Service at times. The students have been creatively active with art, drama, music and dance. Mahi in Yr 12 was instrumental in organising a music festival in aid of WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs) a Mumbai based animal charity. At the festival she performed several numbers along with her younger brother Yuv and Kahan, who is also in the CAS programme. The event raised a staggering 15 Lakh rupees. The service project with the Pali Ashram School continues and received all the proceeds from the Karnival in January. The Karnival was organised by the whole of Yr 12 as another CAS project.


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