Year 10 spent an afternoon practising job application and interview skills. The class were given two job descriptions and had to choose the one for which they wanted to apply. They were given guidance on how to write a letter of application b our student counselor, Ms Amola and our Head of Secondary, Dr Howard. Once the applications were written, they were read by students, who shortlisted 3 applicants for each job. The applicants were then interviewed by other students, according to a set of questions prepared by the teachers. One student was successfully chosen as the Marketing Manager at the German Cookie Company and another impressed all with his presence of mind at interview to get the post of a web designer!

Overall, this was an excellent learning opportunity and students mentioned in their feedback that they had found this exercise very meaningful. We will continue with such events in the future as we feel this really benets our senior students and prepares them for life in the world of work. Students were really positive about this activity,
as you can read:

"I can denitely see us using these skills in the near future"

"This was a unique and helpful activity in terms of its applicability to life situations"

"I had a slight fear of public speaking and was super nervous, but once I started it was ne" 

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