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"This is our second time around at DSB. Our son, now in Year 6E, spent a term in Reception at DSB in 2008. On our return to India in 2011, DSB was our first and perhaps only choice of school. Our daughter is currently in Year 4E and loves going to school every day. Garden Campus is a magical little place - it's small, cosy, intimate and safe. The second campus, at Aurum House, with the play area on the rooftop is also lovely. The USP of DSB, for us, has always been its teachers, its play-way method, and its ability to give all students equal opportunity, equal recognition and equal validation. We love that there is no competition in class and we are very pleased that everyone can get involved in all activities, if they should choose to do so. 

The school is also a great community for new parents. Regardless of from how far away you move, the reception at the school is always warm. The administration is superb and provides you with all the information you might need, to slip into the routine of school; and, the Friends Committee (a parent organization) is a great way for new parents to become directly involved in the school community. 

Needless to add that DSB harbors a wonderful mix of international cultures and is the only school in South Bombay with students from over 30 countries. The German, Cambridge and IB education is perhaps the best offered in the city. We are very happy to be a part of a school where everyone is open, approachable and continuously involved in bettering the school." - Tasneem 

We have been in Mumbai for the last 8 years. Since 3 years our son goes to the German section   at DSB. DSB was our first choice and we would not have opted for another International School in Mumbai. For us the biggest advantages were the proximity to our house (we stay in South Mumbai), the size of the School (compared to other International School “campuses”) and the diversity of the teachers. The small class sizes give a personal touch and the diverse backgrounds  of students and teachers  allows the students to discover different cultures in one building. The interaction between the German and International Students is working fabulous! We love the philosophy of the school that encourages the students to develop academically and personally. As parents we can see that philosophy in all activities – academically and beyond the curriculum. - Selma

The great thing about Garden Campus is that all children from the different classes know each other, the older ones look out for the younger ones and the little ones look up to the bigger ones. It's like one big family of brothers and sisters!

The intimate size of class groups means teachers have a real understanding of the child's strengths and needs and they work towards bringing out the best in the children. 

The close knit DSB community aspires to be the expat's home away from home and provides its children with a referential framework of their culture back home.  (mainly applicable for children from European background)

While DSB is often compared to a village school in this mega polis of Bombay, it is constantly innovating and taking into account the fast changing world so that its students can be confident world citizens! - Isabelle

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