Our Faculty

Edward Bantry-White


“The best learning is through discovery and experience”

That is what Edward Bantry-White, our International Principal, believes in... and he is committed to providing education in that manner to every student at DSB.

Edward has worked in three continents, within private and public sector in multicultural academies. The experience as Deputy Head of Dhirubhai Ambani International School and with Lancaster School in Mexico City, has provided him with thorough knowledge and experience in managing the affairs of multi-cultural institutions, and importantly in understanding and interacting with children.

What our community says...

" We recently moved to Mumbai from London. Thanks to the support provided by DSB community, we settled effortlessly. It is wonderful being a part of the DSB Community."

Our Senior Management Team

Shirin Petit

Head of Academic Administration

David Goodyear

Head of Primary

Helswind Brockmeyer

Head of German Section

Camille Gautier

IB coordinator

Howard Gee

Head of Secondary

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