Principal's Welcome


The Principal's Welcome

Dear DSB International School Community

Welcome to the academic year of 2018 – 19: the year of Celebrating Academic Success and Love of Learning in our learning community.

It is a source of great pride to me to be leading a community that embraced and inspired me when I came to India and my hope for the year is that the immense positive energy of our community can be fully harnessed to create the very best learning environment for all of our students.

We are an international school with students from across the globe and from many varied communities within India. Our culture of respect and valuing each other ensures that together we can learn from each other to understand our different perspectives so that our students can move on and make a valuable contribution to the world.

Learning is a process that never ends, hence our Vision: Growing Learning Minds. This expresses our commitment to life-long learning for all members of our community – a commitment that should ensure the provision of the highest quality education to each and every student.

Dr. Howard Gee

What our community says...

" “When we moved from Germany, our children did not speak English. Through the fabulous interaction between the German and the International Section and personalized language enrichment programs, they developed their English skills and are now able to converse confidently.”"

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